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Brannstrom GreenMon Oil Content Monitor

  • Brannstrom GreenMon Oil Content Monitor


The GreenMon oil content monitor is based on Raman scattering and fluorescence
spectroscopy of a free falling sample water jet. The use of these technologies
enables accurate oil content monitoring of high turbidity muddy waters without the
need for frequent recalibration or zero point check with clean water.


- Measuring range EN 590 diesel: 0 … 200 ppm or 0 … 1000 ppm
- Accuracy for 0 … 30 ppm range: ± 2 ppm
- Accuracy above 30 ppm: as per MEPC.108(49)
- Measuring range PAH: 0 … 5000 ppb
- Sample water turbidity up to: 10000 NTU
- Sample water temperature: 0°C … +80°C
- Sample flow: 3 – 5 lpm
- Ambient temperature: +5°C … +50°C
- Ingress protection: IP65



- Type approved according to MEPC.107(49)
- Power supply 100-240VAC or 24VDC, 20W
- Wet materials AISI 316L, Fused Silica, PVDF
- Free falling sample jet, no measuring cell glass means no fouling or scaling
- No need for measuring cell cleaning with a brush, cleaning detergent, or acid
- No need for flushing water piping
- No need for frequent zero point or span calibration
- Less sensitive to solids and gas bubbles in the sample
- No freezing damage when stored in sub-zero temperature
- Data retrieval via USB port on front plate and Ethernet data connection
- Detects low or non-fluorescent substances like lubricant oils, kerosene, etc.
- Calibration data embedded in sensor
- Detachable sensor with a 3” tri clamp fitting
- Connection for optional air flow to prevent extreme condition sample vapour condensing on the sensor unit

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